One of the great choices of material for residential and commercial roofs are shingles.

Definitely providing a superior protection and offering a variety of designs and colors our professional roofers are always ready for roof installations and replacements with top-tier quality materials and techniques.

Roof shingles are a type of roof covering for pitched roofs that are laid in an overlapping style in which each successive strip overlaps the next when installed from the bottom edge of the roof up. Shingle roof tiles are often referred to as tile strips.

Roofing shingles normally come in a flat, rectangular shape, although square and horizontal designs are not uncommon. Shingles also vary in the material they are made of. While asphalt, or bitumen as it is more commonly known in Europe, leads the way in the popularity stakes, wood, plastic, slate and metal shingled roofs are popular variants.

Due to their highly visible appearance, roof shingles are an extremely important component of a home’s exterior, meaning they are often manufactured in a large variety of colours.

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