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Reliable, long lasting and low maintenance deck building material solutions are convenient with the
 Duradek system of waterproofing…

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All our skylights products are completely customisable to fit the space or specifications you require: whether this is…

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Roof Repair

Choose Triplex Roofing to install or repair your property’s roof, and you can look forward to unparalleled standards…

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Slate / Polysand

Our tiles being almost unbreakable from our Polysand composite material with UV protection that guarantees no color change…

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One of the great choices of material for residential and commercial roofs are shingles. Definitely providing a superior…

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Flat Roof

If you want efficient, professional and affordable flat roofing solutions, Triplex Roofing is the best choice you could…

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We’r Prodviding Quality
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